Shinhwa’s Andy to Host Fan Meeting in China

2014-04-09 18:16:33 2014-04-09 18:16:33

Shinhwa member Andy appears to be preparing to resume his activities not in Korea but in China!

According to sources, Andy will be hosting a fan meeting sometime in the middle of May in China. It will be the first time in six months that Andy will be embarking on activities after being fined last year for illegal gambling. He received a fine of 5 million won. 

News of Andy’s upcoming fan meeting has spread to forum communities online and through various social networking sites. 

Andy’s agency responded to news regarding the Chinese fan meeting and told TV Report, “Since there are many fans in China that want it, we decided to go ahead with a fan meeting. Although there are a lot of offers coming in, we still haven’t worked out the details regarding where it will take place.”