Son Ho Young Shares His Thoughts on Television Return

2014-04-09 17:19:58 2014-04-09 17:21:23
share house

Singer Son Ho Young shared his thoughts on returning to television. With the singer having taken part in CJ E&M O’live‘s “Share House,”he expressed his thoughts on living in the same house for two weeks with other celebrities.

On April 3, the teaser for “Share House” revealed the reasons why celebrities Son Ho Young, Lee Sang Min, Choi Hee, and Woo Hee had decided to enter the shared home.

The former g.o.d member expressed, “Family, one and only friends, important acquaintances… these are people we really need in our lives. Through ‘Share House,’ I was able to discover new emotions that I had not felt. We became so close that I was able to share thoughts, confessions, and worries that I was not able to do because it might hurt someone. I hope that other people may also experience this type of precious experiences.”

The singer’s return on television is the first time since his attempted suicide in May of last year after discovering his girlfriend, who had committed suicide, in his car. We hope that Son Ho Young may be able to discover greater freedom and joy in his life. Watch the teaser for “Share House” below!

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