GOT7 Releases Teaser for New Reality Show!

2014-04-10 18:43:01 2014-04-10 18:43:01

Although the seven member boy group GOT7 concluded their promotional activities for “Girls Girls Girls,” fans will be able to see them again as the group will star in their own reality show. On April 10, the first teaser for the SBS MTV reality show, “I GOT7” was uploaded on the JYP‘s official youtube site. 


The teaser spot showed each member saying the phrase, “I GOT7.” Yet, you couldn’t miss the quirky and unique personalities of each member such as Young Jae embarrassingly saying, “Why is it so awkward here?” to JB showing his breakdance move. Furthermore, while some members showed their charismatic side by repeating the phrase, “I GOT7,” other members either cracked up or showed a cute peace sign pose. Regardless of how the phrase was stated, the different personalities of GOT7 has heightened anticipation for the reality show.

got 7

SBS MTV’s “I GOT7” will broadcast its first episode on April 22 at 7:30PM (KST). Check out the teaser video below!