SM Entertainment to Take Legal Action for EXO’s Leaked “Overdose” Dance Practice Video

2014-04-10 01:36:22 2014-04-10 01:39:08

A video of EXO‘s dance practice for their upcoming comeback song, “Overdose” has been leaked online. In response, SM Entertainment will be seeking legal action against those who leaked the video.

On April 10, a practice video of EXO-K dancing to “Overdose” was shared through YouTube. The video was quickly taken down, but multiple mirror videos sprung up around different video portals. 

A representative of SM Entertainment said in a press release, “The dance video was filmed for ‘Music Core‘ and does not show the finalized version of the song. According to the current laws for distributing videos, we are currently deleting the videos and talking with an inspector about taking legal action.” The rep also announced that the agency is taking immediate action against the perpetrators of the leaked video, and stressed the severity of the crime. 

EXO will be making their comeback with “Overdose” on April 15. 


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