“Super Star K5” Park Si Hwan Releases Teaser for “I Just Loved You”

2014-04-10 18:33:10 2014-04-10 18:33:10

Super Star K5” participant Park Si Hwan released a teaser for “I Just Loved You” on April 10! 

The teaser shows an interesting use of iPhones to tell a story between a man and woman. Just as they seem to lean in to kiss, they are separated and a third iPhone is introduced to provide the rainy setting for the love story. Aside from seeming like an advertisement for the iPhone rather than a teaser for an upcoming music video, it appears to successfully pique enough interest for the music video for “I Just Loved You.” 

Park Si Hwan has already begun selling his first mini album, “Spring Awakening” online since April 8. Over 6500 copies have been sold. 

Check out the teaser below!