ZE:A’s Agency Explains Im Siwan’s Vague Answer About a Possible Girlfriend

2014-04-10 16:15:50 2014-04-10 16:15:50
I Am a Man

On the April 9 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “I Am a Man,” ZE:A’s Im Siwan declared he was no longer single. 

The MCs on the show asked Siwan, who revealed two years ago that he has never been in a relationship, if he was still single. Siwan answered, “That was my answer two year ago. People still think I haven’t been in a relationship, but nobody knows.” His vague answer aroused curiosity from fans and viewers.

As the cast was voting to elect the “I Am a Man” president, the candidates were asked to sit down if they currently had a wife or a girlfriend. Siwan evoked more curiosity when he was hesitant about staying standing up or sitting down.

After the show aired on April 10, a rep from his agency made a statement saying, “We believe he behaved this way because many people have been talking about how he’s never been in a relationship. He didn’t mean anything by it, so we hope the viewers won’t take it the wrong way.”