Kim Ha Neul Shows Why She Is the Perfect Jean Model

2014-04-11 10:58:26 2014-04-12 22:47:20

A recent photoshoot of actress Kim Haneul put the spotlight on the actress’ toned body as she modeled for Carrera Jeans. Having become the official Korean model after the launching of Carrera Jeans in Korea last September, Kim Haneul has justified why she was chosen as the jean company’s model. 


The two photos that were released showed the actress giving a fierce stare at the camera while choosing the perfect angle to showcase the jeans. Although both photos show more of the actress’ side profile, the jeans seemed to be a perfect fit. The images explained why the actress was known as the queen of waist, as the two photos depicted Kim Haneul’s slim waist.

A representative of the ad stated, “Kim Haneul led the atmosphere of filming and showed her signature natural beauty. Also, she was able to show mature and sexy poses, stirring praise from the staff who were present during the photshoot.”


Currently, Kim Haneul is deciding her next project; until then, we hope that the actress will continue to show her beauty through these fashion photoshoots.