Lee Yeon Hee In Talks But Not Confirmed for “Detective K 2”

2014-04-12 15:24:59 2014-04-12 15:24:59
lee yeon hee

Actress Lee Yeon Hee is currently considered for the female lead of “Detective K 2.”

According to a source in the entertainment industry, Lee Yeon Hee is in talks for a role on the sequel of 2011’s hit film “Detective K.” The actress’ agency SM Entertainment commented, “We have received the script and are discussing the matter.”

Her representatives further added during a phone call with TV Report, “It is true that she received an offer from ‘Detective K 2,’ but nothing has ben confirmed. It is difficult to say when the decision will be made.”

So far, actor Kim Myung Min has been confirmed to make his big-screen comeback through the movie. As actress Han Ji Min, the female lead of the first “Detective K,” is known for charming the audience with her talented acting and previously unseen image, it will be interesting to see how Lee Yeon Hee will transform for her prospective role.

“Detective K 2” is scheduled to start filming in June.

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