B.A.P Releases Second Mysterious Teaser for “B.A.P Attack”

2014-04-13 08:56:27 2014-04-13 22:22:49

B.A.P has released today another mysterious teaser titled “B.A.P Attack” through their agency’s official Youtube Channel.

This new teaser reveals a bit more than their first released two days ago. It gives a specific date- April 15, 2014- and shows more of the members at the dance studio. Youngjae says, “What you wanted…,” and Zelo asks, “Are you looking forward to it? You’re looking forward to it, right?” Youngjae also says, “Look forward to it!” at the end of the video.

Watch the teaser below. What do you think, guys? A new reality show from B.A.P? A surprise performance video? 

B.A.P’s first teaser released two days ago:

B.A.P is currently touring around the world with their “B.A.P Live on Earth 2014 Continent Tour.”


B.A.P to Unveil Online Reality Series “B.A.P Attack”