Michael Jackson’s Ex-Wife and Former Manager Arrive in Korea to Meet Tiny-G

2014-04-13 20:28:42 2014-04-13 22:59:01

Debbie Rowe, the second ex-wife of the late Michael Jackson, arrived in South Korea with ex-husband’s former manager Marc Schaffel on April 13. They currently manage Belgian singer Ian Thomas, who is labeled as the second Justin Bieber. It’s been revealed that their main purpose to South Korea is to record the project duet between Ian Thomas and Tiny-G.

A representative from GNG Production shared that Debbie Rowe and Marc Schaffel proposed the collaboration. “Ian Thomas’ reps said that they’re interested in K-Pop and Tiny-G stood out due to their cute and overflowing charisma. We are thinking positively on their proposal.”

The recording will begin on April 15 and will last for two days. Afterwards, they will shoot a music video. There will be two versions: Korean and English.