IU Says She Confessed Her Feelings for Someone Last Year

2014-04-14 23:01:59 2014-04-15 02:47:30

Singer IU recently revealed that she confessed her feelings for someone just last year! 

On April 14, IU was the DJ for a day on MBC FM4U radio program’s “FM Music City.”  

On the topic of one-sided love, IU admitted, “There was a time (when I experienced one-sided love). I really liked that person. It felt really great experiencing a one-sided love. I was happy to be able to have such feelings for someone, regardless of whether they could accept them or not.” 

At this, guest comedian Heo Kyung Hwan commented, “Did you end up confessing?” to which IU replied, “I did confess. If I like someone, I tell that person. That was last year.” However, IU did not reveal how the person responded to her confession.  

When asked whether she was happier “receiving love” or “loving someone,” IU said, “The truth is…I still don’t know yet. If I say I like someone, I like them no matter what. I’m ‘the type that falls for someone really quickly.’”