Talented Rookie Singer Eddy Kim Gives An “I’M” Interview with 1theK

2014-04-14 23:06:09 2014-04-15 05:42:48

Talented rookie singer Eddy Kim recently gave an interview with 1theK!

1theK published a clip of the interview on their official YouTube channel! In the interview, Eddy Kim talks about his favorite hobbies, shows off his abs and more!

Eddy Kim also reveals that his role model is none other than Yoon Jong Shin, for his “humane quality” while looking up to John Mayer or James Blunt for their musical talents. He ends up calling his CEO Yoon Jong Shin during the interview, and they have an awkward but cute conversation on the phone. 

The interview also show snippets of Eddy Kim playing on the guitar like a pro! Turns out, he also wrote all of the lyrics for the six songs on his first album, “The Manual.” 

As for his charming point, Eddy Kim gives viewers a brief preview of his newest track but saves the chorus for the viewers to listen to later when his album is released.

In related news, Eddy Kim recently held a solo showcase! Check out his in-depth interview here! 

Here’s the interview below!