Actors Lee Jong Suk and Go Jun Hee Endorse “Milk Cow” Ice Cream

2014-04-15 12:13:21 2014-04-15 12:13:21

Actors Lee Jong Suk and Go Jun Hee’s endorsement photos for ice cream brand, “Milk Cow” have been released!

The two actors were chosen as endorsement models for ice cream brand, “Milk Cow” and participated in a photo shoot together on April 4 in a studio located in Gangnam district, Seoul. 

The two actors met for the first time on set, but acted like a natural couple for the camera. In the photo, Lee Jong Suk and Go Jun Hee look like any other adorable couple on an ice cream date. 

“Milk Cow” representatives stated, “Lee Jong Suk’s innocent ‘milk’ man image and Go Jun Hee’s polished image made for a luxurious and lovely aura. Both have received positive reviews saying that they fit the image of ‘Milk Cow’ models best.” 

In related news, Lee Jong Suk will be meeting viewers once more in a new SBS drama, “Doctor Stranger,” which is scheduled to air this May, while Go Jun Hee will be filming romantic comedy flick, “Red Carpet” opposite Yoon Kye Sang.  

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