Ailee Becomes New Face for Carbonated Beverage and Records CF Song

2014-04-15 17:34:53 2014-04-15 17:34:53

Female soloist Ailee is the new face for Donga Otsuka’s carbonated beverage Oran C.

A representative from Donga Otsuka made the statement, “We decided on Ailee because her explosive and appealing vocal ability, cute personality, and healthy image suits with being an Oran C model.”

Ailee will also sing for the commercial. The popular drink has been well-loved since the 1970s and only top singers like Yoon Hyung Joo and Jung Soo Ra have gotten the privilege to lend their voice for the CF song, nicknamed as “Oran C Song.”

We previously reported that Ailee was confirmed as one of the main members of new reality program “Rules of the City.” While recording her individual interview for the program, she shared, “This is the first time being a regular member on a reality program and also filming for a beverage CF so I’m a bit nervous. However, just like how the drink is packed with vitamin c, I’ll strive to become a refreshing gift to the people.”