Z.Hera’s Debut Track Regains Popularity as New Theme Song for Sports Program

2014-04-15 15:17:10 2014-04-15 15:17:10

Female soloist Z.Hera (known as Ji Hae Ra in Korean)’s debut track “Peacock” will be the latest theme song for the second season of cable SBS Sports’ show “Baseball’s Real Character.”

The sports program made its premiere last month to match the start of the baseball season, and used a remake version of Z.Hera’s track “Peacock.”

Victory’s Fireworks” is the remake song of “Peacock” and has been arranged into the rock genre. The song is hot among baseball fans to the point that the program’s online forum got flooded by viewers asking more information on the song.

“Baseball’s Real Character” is a real documentary program that sheds light on the world of baseball, its victories, and behind the scenes, and is aired every Sunday at 10pm (KST) through SBS Sports.

Meanwhile, Z.Hera is currently preparing to make a comeback in June with a new album.

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