Announcing the Soompi Forums Easter Egg Hunt!

2014-04-16 01:14:40 2014-04-16 05:53:09

Happy Easter! This year, we’re happy to introduce our brand-new Soompi Forums Easter Egg Hunt! If chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks aren’t quite doing the trick for you, search for Easter eggs on our forums and win prizes including Soompi Shop gift certificates!

Those of you who remember our Holiday Present Hunt (which we’ve been running on our forums for the past three years) will understand the concept. Everyday for the next seven days, we’ll post a hint in our forum thread regarding the location of a new Easter egg. Using your hint, surf around the forums and look for the egg within our many threads! When you find it, copy the URL and thread title. We’ll post a hint at least once everyday for the next seven days. There will be six regular colored eggs and two golden eggs. In order to successfully complete the hunt, you need to find at least four colored eggs and one golden egg.

At the end of the week, if you have managed to find the required eggs, PM melkimx with the URLs and thread titles. We will randomly select three people who have all the correct information to win a $50 Soompi Shop gift certificate. We may have some other prizes on hand as well, so stay tuned for those! 

All Soompiers are eligible, but anyone found providing or soliciting answers will be disqualified. If you’ve figured out the answer, please keep it to yourself! We won’t disqualify you for providing gentle hints to your fellow members, but be careful not to give the answer away!

Are you ready? Then let’s get started with our first hint! Too many heavenly bodies this week… someone call the doctor!

Search now and good luck!