Hyun Bin Gets on a Horse for a Dreamy Beach Photoshoot

2014-04-17 15:16:51 2014-04-17 15:16:51

Actor Hyun Bin has turned into a charismatic and fashionable horseman.

The behind-the-scenes pictures were revealed by Hyun Bin’s agency on April 16. Despite the snapshot quality, the professionalism and of Hyun Bin can be felt through the photos that show him posing with beautiful horses. 

In the first photo, he is wearing a green suit and leaning against an elegant white horse, looking dreamy but cool while staring at the horizon. For the second one, Hyun Bin has got in the saddle and is posing for the camera in a more casual attire. The beautiful location gives the photos a mystic feel, and we can only imagine Hyun Bin galloping away on the beach!

The actor stars in the highly anticipated movie “The King’s Wrath,” which will premiere on April 30.