Yoon Jong Shin Accidently Retweets a Controversial Tweet Regarding Sewol Ferry Incident

2014-04-19 06:50:17 2014-04-19 06:50:17

Yoon Jong Shin deleted a retweet that was posted on his Twitter account without his intention.

The singer and producer Tweeted at 2 AM, KST on April 19, “There was a post that was retweeted, but I did not do it. It has been deleted.” 

He added, “42 minutes ago, I didn’t even touch my cell phone. Hmm… I felt careful and difficult about saying anything, so I was not able to follow tweets or even the news. By all means, I hope it was just my mistake.”

Previously, at 1 AM, KST, there was a Tweet that was retweeted on Yoon Jong Shin’s account saying, “To give an example of how important the media is, don’t you think that the students, who were rescued during the initial stages of the ferry sinking, are even more traumatized and bewildered from watching the media’s report of the images and footages relating to the rescue of their friends? Please be more cautious.”

However, as Yoon Jong Shin explained, it was not his intention to retweet this tweet. Perhaps it was a mistake or there is the possibility is that his account was hacked.