2000 Won Says They Thought about Changing Their Name

2014-04-20 22:47:38 2014-04-21 00:21:44
2000 won

Rookie duo 2000 Won recently revealed in an interview with OSEN that they thought about changing their group name.

“Before our debut, there was a lot of talk about changing our group name. But in order to maintain our group identity, we decided not to. Because our group name is money, we used get upset when people would say things like, ‘Is their music just worth 2000 won?’ But we’re trying to be more optimistic now.”

“We became known under the name 2000 Won. As much as it’s a unique name, we want to make unique music. While there are a lot of groups with a solid vocal foundation, we want to become a group that gives people the anticipation of something new.”