Nam Sang Mi to Join Lee Jun Ki in “The Joseon Shooter”

2014-04-20 19:39:27 2014-04-20 19:39:27
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Actress Nam Sang Mi will be joining Lee Jun Ki in the new historical romance action drama, “The Joseon Shooter.” She will be playing the role of Jung Soo In.

The actress said, “In the drama, Jung Soo In initially seems very sheltered like a plant in a greenhouse, but in reality she has a lot of curiosity and is not afraid of adventure. I really felt the merits of this character in that she doesn’t get caught up in the Joseon era’s standards for women and her strong will in working towards a new world.”

“The Joseon Shooter” is the story of Joseon’s last swordsman who grows to become the era’s hero, played by Lee Jun Ki. This will be Nam Sang Mi and Lee Jun Ki’s second time working together, after the 2007 action-romance drama, “Time Between Dog and Wolf.”

The drama started filming this month, and will air in June.

lee jun ki

Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi for “Time Between Dog and Wolf”