Kim Jaejoong and Im Siwan Get Familiar with Casinos for “Triangle”

2014-04-21 12:44:02 2014-04-21 12:44:02

JYJ‘s Kim Jaejoong and ZE:A‘s Im Siwan are immersing themselves in the world of gambling, as can be seen on a teaser clip of MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Triangle“.

The video shows Kim Jaejoong and Im Siwan receiving lessons on working at a casino from a professional. With piles of cards and chips in front of them, they are taught ways to deal cards and other industry tips.

Kim Jaejoong, who plays the role of Heo Young Dal, commented, “I have played hwatu [Japanese card game] a lot, but not cards. This kind of topics appear on comic books a lot, so I have bought chips and cards in the past to play with them, but it is my first time to learn like this. I am learning about professional casino rules for the first time, but it is fun. I haven’t handled chips before, but it should look cool, so I am worried.”

Im Siwan expressed his excitement, “It is interesting and fun to learn about gambling legally. But I did not know about Texas Hold’em [poker game] before this, so I find it difficult. I don’t know the rules well yet, but it gets more fun as I learn.”

“Triangle” can be expected to start airing in May.