Woman In Her Thirties Discusses Her Dreams of Becoming an Idol on “Hello Counselor”

2014-04-21 11:46:25 2014-04-21 11:46:25
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On the latest episode of KBS2TV’s talk show “Hello Counselor,” a young husband expressed his frustration over the dream of his wife.

The husband revealed that his wife has attended over 60 music shows over the past nine months. He continued, “Her dream is to become an idol. I don’t know if she felt encouraged by the debut of Girl Hood, but she recently begun attending a dance academy. She goes to music shows every day, so there are no side dishes in our fridge. She only gives me a detox drink called ‘Beauty Soup.'”

Moreover, he added that not only do her activities take up a lot of time, but also money, “Her monthly gas bill is around one million won (~1000 USD) because of driving to the music shows. If I look at her bill, all I see are gas stations and rest areas.”

His wife opened up about her reason for pursuing such lifestyle, “I was watching a music show one day and begun to cry while wanting to ask myself ‘What have you been doing all this time?’ Seeing Girl Hood debut, I think I can make it if I start now. I want to do this a little bit more.”

“I am deliberately not having children because of my dream of becoming an idol. I think I am too old to get pregnant. I started this, and I will go until the end,” she explained.