Fans of FTISLAND Send Donations to Victims of Ferry Tragedy

2014-04-22 09:54:51 2014-04-29 16:17:39

As the Sewol ferry tragedy continues to cast a dark and heartbreaking shadow over the nation, celebrities and their fans alike have expressed their support through donations over the past week.

Fans of FTISLAND are the latest ones to send packages filled with relief goods to the victims of Sewol ferry incident. Recently, news about fans of EXO, Infinite, VIXX, IU, and other idols coming together to donate funds and items have attracted a lot of attention as well.

FNC Lee Jae Jin (Lee Jae Jin‘s official fan cafe), Hong Star (Lee Hong Gi‘s fan page), STYLE (Choi Jong Hoon‘s official fan cafe), and BABYLOVE (Choi Min Hwan‘s fan page) raised 1 million won (~1,000 USD) and purchased 150 t-shirts for the victims, and the aid was sent to Jindo Sports Arena on April 21.

The donations will be used by the families of missing and rescued people, who have been waiting for news about their loved ones at the large indoor sports arena. A representative of FTISLAND’s agency commented to Sports Seoul, “It is the fans’ small but warm gesture. We hope that the families waiting for the missing people to return safely would find it [the aid] helpful.”