Music Industry Expects Flood of Comebacks in May or July

2014-04-22 05:05:33 2014-04-22 05:05:33

April and May was expected to be an exciting month in the K-Pop music industry with comebacks expect from boys groups EXO, Block B, Infinite, 2PM, BEAST, VIXX, and Fly to the Sky, and female solo G.NA, solo debuts from T-ara‘s Jiyeon, Hyomin and Secret‘s Hyosung. EXO already had their comeback showcase, Block B was expecting to start their reality TV show along with their new album promotions, G.NA and Jiyeon had released teasers, and Fly to the Sky and Hyosung had their album jacket photo shoots. Everything has come to a halt, however, with the April 16 ferry disaster that has plunged the entire nation in shock and mourning. Entertainment television stopped airing, dramas stopped their premieres, and singers stopped concerts and promotional activities. Entertainment agencies and artists stated it was too difficult and inappropriate to show laughter on television and to sing and dance as if nothing happened.

Similar to the response to the Cheonan sinking four years ago, this suspension of activities in the music industry is expected to last a month or more, which means it will be mid-May by the time music show broadcasts will return to normal. Music industry experts are expecting either a comeback or album release almost everyday in May or for it to be split between May and July. Most artists will be avoiding June as the 2014 Brazil World Cup starts. The World Cup period has traditionally led to the entertainment industry focusing mainly on the sporting event, leaving artists with little audience to support their songs. One source from an entertainment industry stated to Ilgan Sports, “You avoid the World Cup as much as possible. I don’t remember a team who saw a positive effect by going against the World Cup. The mourning period will continue, then the World Cup will come in June. It is likely that there will be a lot of teams planning comebacks for late June or July.” 

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