CNBLUE Postpones Busan Concert in Respect to the Sewol Ferry Accident

2014-04-23 15:50:51 2014-04-23 16:02:19

 CNBLUE postponed their upcoming May 26 Busan concert in respect to the recent Sewol ferry accident. According to a representative, FNC Entertainment and the band had decided to push back the date of the Busan concert in order to send their condolences towards the victims and families affected by the ferry tragedy.

In regards to the change in concert date, a representative of the concert hall said, “The concert ‘2014 CNBLUE Live – Can’t Stop‘ that was to take place on April 26 at Bexco has been cancelled and pushed back to another date. The band and staff members have agreed to send their condolences to the Sewol ferry accident. We decided to postpone the concert because it was agreed that the concert could not be enjoyed during this tragic time.”

A representative of CNBLUE announced, “The CNBLUE concert that was to take place in Bexco on April 26 has been postponed to June 21. As Korea is mourning, it has been agreed that the concert cannot be enjoyable, thus we have pushed back the date.”

CNBlue’s June 21 concert will take place at KBS Hall. 

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