Comeback Artist Yozoh Releases “Day Dream” MV

2014-04-23 23:04:38 2014-04-23 23:04:38

On April 24, CLEF Music released their new project, “Tiny Bits of Life Part 1” and launched their first artist Yozoh with the single, “Day Dream.” 

“Day Dream” is sweet addictive song about the universal longing to stay in bed a little longer and keep dreaming. 

Yozoh’s light and sweet vocals complement the acoustic accompaniment heard in “Day Dream.” Hong Jun Ho played the guitar for “Day Dream” and 17HOLIC (producer of the CLEF Project) composed and wrote the lyrics for “Day Dream.” 

In related news, CLEF Music’s “Tiny Bits of Life Part 1.” covers topics that everyone can relate to and features collaborations with other artists and actors. 

Netizens who listened to Yozoh’s “Day Dream” commented, “Yozoh’s ‘Day Dream’ is also my story,” and “I love that they started with Yozoh.”