Dynamic Duo’s Choiza to Possibly Join “The Human Condition 2” Cast

2014-04-23 00:59:03 2014-04-23 00:59:03

After filling in for Kim Giri on the recording of “The Human Condition 2,” Choiza of hip-hop group Dynamic Duo is currently in talks to be a recurring member on the KBS variety show.

Representative from KBS has said that although Choiza filled in for Kim Giri, they are still considering numerous factors before bringing him on as a recurring member.

Choiza replaced Kim Giri on the first recording of “The Human Condition 2” as Kim Giri could no longer participate due to a surgery. Choiza was joined by Kim Jun Ho, Kim Joon Hyun and Jung Tae Ho from season one, and new members Jo Woo Jong and group-mate Gaeko.

The first episode of “The Human Condition 2” starring the male celebs will air after its female counterpart which stars Kim Sook, Kim Shin Young, Kim Ji Min, Kim Young Hee, Kim Min Kyung and Chun Yi Seul.