Sangchu Returns to Duty After Being Released From Hospital

2014-04-23 10:34:10 2014-04-23 10:34:10

Rapper Sangchu of Mighty Mouth returned to his military duty after completing his medical treatment.

A representative from the Armed Force Medical Command revealed that Sangchu was released from military hospital on April 8th and has since returned to his unit.

This representative added that Sangchu has finished all his treatments and is currently carrying out his duties normally.

Previously, Sangchu was hospitalized for six months for a surgery to treat his shoulder and ankle. When Sangchu’s hospitalization was revealed, he was heavily criticized, many accusing him of faking and using favoritism. Representative of Sangchu has stated that this was not favoritism, as Sangchu actually suffered from ankle and shoulder problems and had to go to the hospital to treat them.

Sangchu will complete his military service in August.