SBS’ “Beating Hearts” Films Emotional and Meaningful Ad for Ambulance Awareness

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What do you do when while you’re driving you hear the sirens of an emergency vehicle such as an ambulance or a police car? Do you pretend that you didn’t hear it and continue to look ahead? Are you confused on how to react to the approaching vehicle? With the recent uproar against how people have reacted to an ambulance’s sirens and the desperate plea of emergency personnel while transporting the injured, SBS‘ “Beating Hearts” have filmed and released a commercial showing the importance of allowing ambulances to pass first.


The commercial starts off with Park Ki Woong running down a highway with an injured child on a stretcher. Although he desperately screams “Please move!” the cars do not seem to budge. “Beating Hearts” members Jeon Hye Bin, Choi Woo Shik, and Jo Dong Hyuk are seen in their cars respectively. While Jeon Hye Bin seems surprised to see Park Ki Woong asking people to move out of the way, Choi Woo Sik is seen listening to his music without care, while Jo Dong Hyuk is seen brushing off the plea. Throughout the CF, the ad asks “What is this to you? Noise? Lies? What is the siren sound to you? Please move out of the way for an ambulance.” 

What happened to the little girl and why were the emergency personnel running through a highway? Watch the CF below to find out!

SBS’ “Beating Heart” had previously raised the issue of ambulance etiquette as the show broadcasted an episode in which a woman who had severed her leg in a car crash was delayed medical attention because the ambulance carrying the woman was stuck in traffic. As a result of unwilling drivers who refused to move out of the way, while some even had the audacity to cut in front of the ambulance, by the time the woman arrived at the hospital, she had broken all her teeth while trying to endure the pain.

Let’s all respect emergency vehicles and move out of the way when we hear the siren!

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