“Empress Ki” Star Baek Jin Hee Set to Return in New Drama “Triangle”

2014-04-24 20:15:36 2014-04-25 00:59:17

Baek Jin Hee, star of hit drama “Empress Ki,” is set to return to the small screen in the new MBC series “Triangle.” The drama, written by Choi Wan Gyu, and produced by Yoo Chul Yong and Choi Jung Kyu, will feature the actress in the role of Oh Jung Hee. 

Fans familiar with “Empress Ki” may be in for a surprise when it comes to this new drama, however. Producers say that Baek Jin Hee’s character will be both innocent and charming, a stark contrast to her role in “Empress Ki,” where she played a scheming femme fatale. 

In “Triangle,” Baek Jin Hee plays a young woman whose father, a coal miner, has recently died from a pulmonary disease, leaving her to support her younger brother and grandmother alone. She finds work in a casino in an effort to keep the family afloat financially. Although the synopsis may sound stark, the drama’s producers say that that Oh Jung Hee always remains bright and positive, even in the face of great difficulties. 

The drama also tells the story of three brothers separated as children, played by Lee Bum Soo, JYJ star Kim Jaejoong, and Im Siwan of Z:EA, with drama newcomer Naya set to play the role of the casino owner’s daughter.  

Baek Jin Hee has been on the record about her new role, saying, “The role was very attractive for me. The character I play has a hard life, but she is always in high spirits, and she has a great sense of what it means to be responsible. I had a lot of fun making the drama. It was very interesting to have to wear a casino dealer’s uniform.”

The new drama series’ makers have been working together for some five years now, and have spawned the hit dramas “All In” and “Swallow the Sun.” “Triangle” will begin broadcasting on May 5 this year.