Ha Yeon Soo Draws Picture of Support for the Victims of the Sewol Ferry Accident

2014-04-24 14:02:39 2014-04-24 14:02:39

Earlier it was reported that Shim Eun Jin, Lee Hwa Sun, and Han Ji Woo showed their support towards the victims of the Sewol ferry accident by drawing yellow ribbons with messages of hope. Yet, these female celebrities weren’t the only ones to show their support through pictures. 


On April 23, actress Ha Yeon Soo also drew her own picture to show support and hope to all those involved in the ferry accident. The actress’ drawing showed a hand clasped together with a yellow ribbon on one wrist. Below, the clasped hands were a cluster of yellow Forsythia flowers. On her Facebook, Ha Yeon Soo uploaded the drawing with the comment “A unified movement can create a big miracle. The meaning of Forsythia flowers means hope.” As many celebrities have shown their support and tribute to the ferry accident victims and families, we can only hope for a special miracle.

Our condolences to the victim and the families of the Sewol ferry accident. 

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