Wang Ji Hye Shows Her Sexy Yet Elegant Yoga Poses in “Hotel King”

2014-04-24 20:04:02 2014-04-24 22:15:04

Pictures of Wang Ji Hye’s yoga poses in “Hotel King” have been gaining a lot of attention.

Recently, the production team of MBC’s “Hotel King” revealed still cuts of a scene from the drama.In the picture, Wang Ji Hye is doing yoga poses on a yoga mat. Wang Ji Hye plays Song Chae Kyung who was a former anchorwoman and like the anchorwoman her character was, she is seen doing yoga with a calm expression.

Wang Ji Hye is planning on showing a different side of Song Chae Kyung through her breathtaking yoga poses in this week’s episode.

The story of “Hotel King” depicts the various events that occur surrounding the seven-star hotel, Ciel. The drama is receiving a lot of love from its viewers with its thriller and romance genre.