Park Ki Woong Talks About Close Friendship with Kim Soo Hyun and Joo Won

2014-04-26 01:43:01 2014-04-26 01:50:36

In an interview with Newsen, actor Park Ki Woong talked about his close friendship with former co-stars Kim Soo Hyun and Joo Won.

The interview was held during his photoshoot with “bnt International.” The reporter asked Park Ki Woong about his compatibility with co-stars that he has worked with in the past. The actor answered, “Strangely, I tend to have better chemistry with male actors,” with a laugh. He added that he was compatible with Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Hyun Woo while they filmed the movie “Secretly, Greatly,” as well as Joo Won, in the drama “Bridal Mask.” Park Ki Woong stated, “I still keep in contact with them and we remain close friends.”

Park Ki Woong Joo WonAlso in the same interview, Park Ki Woong discussed his previous dramas as well as his appearance on a variety show.

The actor talked about the hardships he faced while filming “Bridal Mask.” He confessed, “Filming for the KBS drama ‘Bridal Mask’ was the most difficult period I have ever experienced during my acting career. At the time, I did not get any sleep for up to 9 days. The filming schedule was so busy that I could only shave and had no time to properly wash my face in the mornings.”

When asked about how he came to appear on the SBS variety show, “Beating Hearts,” Park Ki Woong said that he felt a sense of duty to share the work of firefighters and the difficulties they face with viewers.