Kim Tae Woo Lends His Charming Voice for “Big Man” OST

2014-04-27 23:46:27 2014-04-27 23:46:27
kim tae woo

Kim Tae Woo has become the first singer to participate in the OST of KBS2’s latest drama “Big Man.”

The Latin-inspired song titled “Con Amore Mio” is said to have a strong rhythm that is pleasing to the ears, but the melody also reflects the feeling of loneliness.

“Big Man” tells the story of the four main characters fighting for his love and success, and the message is very much relevant to our daily lives as well. Like the characters, we sometimes feel lonely in this big world and get hurt because of love, but the song encourages us keep on going and never give up.

A representative of the producers of the OST expressed, “We will present you with a unique and fresh OST that combines the drama of ‘Big Man’ and the fiery Latin-inspired sound of Kim Tae Woo.” 

The first part of “Big Man” OST including Kim Tae Woo’s “Con Amore Mio” is now available on online music stores. The drama premieres tonight, April 28, on KBS.

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