Lee Jung Jae Drops Out of Cast for Film “Rouge”

2014-04-28 22:22:31 2014-04-28 22:22:31
lee jung jae

Actor Lee Jung Jae has dropped out of the cast for the new movie “Rouge,” a melodrama about a detective and a woman in a gang.

Lee Jung Jae injured his shoulder during action training for the film “Big Match.” The surgery was put off in order to finish filming, but in that time, the injury worsened.

“He [Lee Jung Jae] had the shoulder surgery on April 17, but it’s worse than we thought. He has to wear a cast, and the recovery time is twice that of what we had initially predicted,” said C-JeS Entertainment. Lee Jung Jae will be out for three months of recovery.

The film “Rouge” is now in a state of emergency, having lost their male lead, and the new actor to take Lee Jung Jae’s place has yet to be determined.

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