Lee Soo Man and SM Entertainment Give Generous Donation of One Billion Won to Sewol Ferry Relief Fund

2014-04-28 18:40:26 2014-04-28 18:40:26
Lee Soo Man

On April 28, SM Entertainment – along with Lee Soo Man (founder and chairman) – contributed a total of one billion won (~1 million USD) toward helping the families of the victims of the Sewol Ferry tragedy.

The Korean National Red Cross revealed, “Lee Soo Man and SM Entertainment donated one billion won to be used to help those who are suffering as a result of the Sewol Ferry accident. All of the donation will go to the families of the victims, the missing, as well as the bereaved.”

The total of one billion won was made up of 500 million won (~500,000 USD) from the chairman’s personal donation combined with 500 million won from SM Entertainment.

Lee Soo Man stated the reason for the large contribution: “As a parent who has been able to grow and share the dreams of our company’s entertainers who are much like my own sons and daughters, I am deeply saddened by the thought of those young victims without a chance to live out their dreams. I share the pain of the bereaved families and I will continue to look for ways to help them to the best of my ability.”