Lee Yeon Hee Looks Gorgeous In Daily Life As Much As She Does On Camera

2014-04-28 14:11:13 2014-04-28 14:11:13

Some pictures of actress Lee Yeon Hee have been revealed on an online community portal. The title of the image gallery was “Her daily looks are incomparable to ours.”

These pictures showed various daily looks of Lee Yeon Hee and selcas. Though her clothes did not particularly stand out, the actress looked splendid and her pictures seemed like they were shot for a magazine pictorial.

Lee Yeon Hee seems to be resting for now after starring in the MBC drama Miss Korea.” For several years, the actress had been struggling with the netizens’ harsh reviews who criticized her for incompetent acting skills, especially on her verbal tone. However, through her role as Oh Ji Young in “Miss Korea,” those comments faded away and instead, she is now met with positive praises.

Lee Yeon Hee pictures