New Champ Confesses His Feelings to After School’s Nana Through Lyrics?

2014-04-28 06:13:44 2014-04-28 06:13:44

Rapper New Champ has revealed that the lyrics of “Yahage” include a secret message to After School‘s Nana.

The creative and meaningful lyrics of his latest single “Yahage” (meaning “provocatively”) reflect the feelings of a young man who asks her girlfriend to tone down her revealing outfits. On top of this, New Champ has made subtle references to three female celebrities.

Two of them are actresses Clara and Megan Fox, but now the most notable one is Nana, to whom he actually confesses his feelings through the lyrics. 

“The world has acknowledged your mannequin body and Barbie looks, I get jealous seeing other guys look at you, I debuted because of you.” New Champ refers to the beautiful After School member, who was recently chosen as the second most beautiful face in the world

During a recent interview with a local news outlet, New Champ revealed, “It is true that Nana is the subject of the lyrics. I have liked her for a long time, and I wrote the [lyrics] while thinking of Nana. I recently saw her at a birthday party, but I couldn’t approach her and only stared at her. Once I went to my friends’ practice studio and saw her. I questioned whether it was a dream or reality,” he laughed.

“If given the chance, I would like to have a collaboration stage with Nana,” he confessed.