“Doctor Stranger” Director Explains Why He Cast Sistar’s Bora and Kang Sora

2014-04-29 19:34:58 2014-04-29 23:20:01

The makers of forthcoming SBS drama “Doctor Stranger” have appeared before the press in Korea, with director Jin Hyuk taking the opportunity to explain why he was so keen to cast Sistar singer Bora

The director admitted that he was a “big fan of Sistar” and joked that his motivation for casting the girl group rapper was somewhat “selfish.”

The drama tells the story of a skilled surgeon, played by Lee Jong Suk. After spending time in North Korea, the doctor escapes to South Korea, where he finds work at a university hospital. 

Bora is set to play a North Korean character who also finds herself working in South Korea. Her character soon takes a liking to the young doctor. 

Jin Hyuk was also complimentary about co-star Kang Sora, who will also be appearing in the drama as a doctor. He said, “I remember seeing her at an awards ceremony not so long ago and being very impressed. She can combine great femininity with boyish charm. I was delighted when she said she wanted to join the cast.” 

“Doctor Stranger” will air on Mondays and Tuesdays on SBS beginning May 5.

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