Jun Ji Hyun Donates 100 Million Won to Victims of Ferry Tragedy

2014-04-29 16:34:57 2014-04-29 16:34:57
jun ji hyun

Actress Jun Ji Hyun has donated 100 million won (~ 100,000 USD) to the help the victims of the Sewol ferry tragedy and the families of the deceased.

The Korea National Red Cross revealed the news through an official press release on April 29. According to the organization, the amount was donated by Jun Ji Hyun in her actual name (Hwang Ji Hyun) in the morning of April 29. The funds will be used to support those closely affected by the ferry incident.

The actress’ agency commented, “Whenever she hears news about the unfortunately deceased students and stories of the mourning parents, Jun Ji Hyun says, ‘My heart feels so heavy. I hope the remaining families will not lose their hope. It is just a small gesture, but I would like to share the pain of the families of the deceased.'”

Earlier this month, Jun Ji Hyun expressed her consideration for the tragedy by canceling an event, which was supposed to take place on April 17. Neither is this her first time to help those in need, as she donated all of the monetary gifts she received as wedding gifts at the time of her marriage in 2012.