Lee Seung Hwan Aims to Heal Wounds with Latest MV Release

2014-04-29 20:14:25 2014-04-29 20:14:25

Singer Lee Seung Hwan made the hard decision to release a new music video during this difficult season of mourning because he wants to help everyone who are currently depressed.

On April 30, he dropped the music video for “Best Time of Life.” It’s one of the tracks included in his eleventh studio album “Fall to Fly.”

An agency representative stated, “The track is to cheer the normal folks who, are full of passion, are quietly going about their day each day. It’s a message that conveys the best time of life is not in the memories, but right now in the present.”

Actress Jung Han Bi makes a cameo in the music video. Previously, Lee Seung Hwan shared in an interview that she’s “a rookie actress that stands out.” In the music video, she takes on the role of a “mysterious lady who inspires music.”

With such a senior in the music industry releasing a music video, will we see more releases within the coming week?