Outsider Comes Back with Single “Hands”

2014-04-29 01:05:30 2014-04-29 01:05:30

Rapper Outsider, known for his speedy rapping, is making a comeback after a ten-month long hiatus.

Outsider will release his digital single “Hands” on May 2. His last release was in June of 2013, when he released “Crying Bird” featuring Lee Soo Young.

“Hands” is a collaboration between composer Moon Kyu Hyuk, Lee Gun Ho, and Outsider. It uses hands as a symbol of both pain and comfort, as hands can be a cause of pain during hard times but also a source of comfort in moments of sadness.

Outsider’s agency announced that although he was initially planning on promoting the song, as the whole country is in mourning in light of the Sewol Ferry accident, he will not be doing any TV promotions for his new single.