Song Seung Hun Reveals That He Is a Fan of Chu Sarang

2014-04-30 22:49:48 2014-04-30 22:49:48

Actor Song Seung Hun recently gave an interview and photo shoot for @Star1 for their May issue! 

In his interview, he revealed that he was indeed a fan of adorable Chu Sarang from the variety show, “Superman Returns.” 

 He went on to reveal his thoughts on marriage saying, “I’m sure I’m not the only uncle fan in Korea that adores Chu Sarang. Getting married and having harmonious family is one of the biggest goals I have, but I’m sure it’s not something you can easily get from sheer effort. However, I think dating and choosing your future spouse are entirely separate issues. My basic ideal type is someone who has a bright personality and can carry a conversation with me. Of course, if that lady appeared in front of me right now, I’d want to get married right away.” 

Check out Song Seung Hun’s sexy, adorable and artsy photos below! 

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