Verbal Jint Addresses Gay Rumors and Diss Battle in Maxim Korea

2014-04-30 04:16:52 2014-04-30 04:16:52
verbal jint

Verbal Jint has shed his gentle image for a photo shoot with Maxim Magazine.

Usually known as the romantic gentleman from the prestigious Seoul National University, the artist is looking tough and charismatic in the recent spread. From the shiny leather chair to the sleek suits, the concept oozes edgy coolness, and Verbal Jint is pulling off the fashionable looks perfectly.

As the artist is soon making his comeback with an album titled “Go Hard,” he was asked to give a hint about his new concept. During the interview, he revealed, “My comeback album will have a rough sound.”

Regarding the diss battle that heated up the hip-hop scene last year, he said, “As I was hosting a radio show at the time, I was worried it would cause harm to the broadcast company, so I had to restrain myself. But if someone dragged me into the battle, I would have willingly jumped in.”

When asked to address rumors about his sexual orientation, he immediately denied the claims, “I really like women. If I was to completely fail in my life, it would probably be because of them. A real man is able to admit that he cannot live without women.”

verbal jint

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