Weekly Music Shows Canceled Again This Week

2014-04-30 03:24:08 2014-05-08 02:33:18

Weekly music ranking shows are canceled again this week.

The four major weekly music shows, “Mnet M! Countdown” (Thursday broadcast), “KBS Music Bank” (Friday broadcast), “MBC Music Core” (Saturday broadcast), and “SBS Inkigayo” (Sunday broadcast) are all canceled this week.

This is the third week that the aforementioned music shows are canceled after the Sewol Ferry tragedy struck the nation. Immediately after the happening, most music shows and variety shows were canceled, but since then most dramas have come back to regular programming with variety shows starting to come back as well. Exactly when the music shows will return has been yet to be announced.

Due to the tragedy, many artists including Block B and Outsider among others have announced that they will forgo TV promotions altogether. Meanwhile, some artists, like EXO, are delaying their comeback promotions.