Jang Dong Geun Looks Chilling Yet Charismatic in “No Tears for the Dead” Stills

2014-05-01 00:16:16 2014-05-01 00:43:52

On April 28, stills from upcoming movie “No Tears for The Dead” were released featuring actor Jang Dong Geun as cold-blooded killer, Gon. 

The stills capture Jang Dong Geun handling a gun and bringing his charisma to the character. When on his final mission, Gon comes face-to-face with his target, Mo Kyung, but quickly discovers that he is caught in a dilemma where he must choose between carrying out his assignment or attending to his guilty conscience. 

Jang Dong Geun stated about his character, “Instead of choosing a role of a handsome fellow, I wanted to find a role that I could delve deeply into emotionally. So I considered Gon to be a fascinating and appealing character.” 

Director Lee Jung Bum expressed his content in having chosen the actor for the part saying, “I wanted Jang Dong Gun from the beginning. I wanted the male playing Gon to portray a man that was rough around the edges, yet gentle and vulnerable. Like Jang Dong Gun said, the part was made for him.” 

“No Tears for The Dead” is scheduled to premiere sometime in June. 

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