Secret’s Hyosung Pulls Off a Mature Look in Esquire

2014-05-01 13:36:29 2014-05-01 13:36:29

Jun Hyosung, member of girl group Secret, made an appearance in the May issue of men’s magazine “Esquire,” showing off her mature side. 

In the photo shoot she shows off her glamorous body in a very mature get-up, breaking free from the usual cute image she has shown during promotions for Secret. In the interview with “Esquire” she expressed her desire to have a mature image more suitable for her age than the cute concepts Secret have been known for.  

Hyosung is planning on releasing a solo album on May 12 and she will be promoting a title track composed by hitmaker Duble Sidekick. Recently, she made her acting debut, appearing as a ghost on OCN drama “Detective Who Sees Ghost – Cheo Yong“. 

The full photo spread and the interview can be found in the May issue of “Esquire.” 

Hyosung for Esquire Hyosung for Esquire