Mario Responds to Banning of New Single “Damage”, No Intention of Changing Lyrics

2014-05-02 01:11:56 2014-05-02 01:11:56

Earlier this week, rapper Mario‘s first single in two years, “Damage,” was ruled unfit for broadcast by KBS and SBS.

Mario’s agency, Rainbow Bridge Agency, has expressed that Mario’s usage of the word “retard” was the most fitting in the context, as it was supposed to express the person’s regret and anger.

KBS and SBS banned the song from their channels as they thought the lyric “like a retard, I miss you after time has passed” was inappropriate for broadcast.

His agency said that the word accurately expressed the singer’s sentiment in expressing his feelings, and they have no desire to change the lyrics.

“Damage” is a song about a man full of regrets after splitting with his loved one. Kim Boa of girl group Spica featured on the track, expressing the anguish of breaking up from the female perspective.