Park Ha Sun Shares Final Thoughts on Her Role In “Three Days”

2014-05-02 16:05:47 2014-05-02 16:05:47
three days

Actress Park Ha Sun shared her thoughts about her role on SBS‘ “Three Days” as police officer Yoon Bo Won

three days

On May 1, the actress visited the fan community for “Three Days” on DC Gallery and posted a message titled “This is Yoon Bo Won.” The actress reflected what she had learned through her role. Park Ha Sun expressed in her post, “Bo Won believed, ‘There is no small incidence in this world, and the most dangerous thing is to not care.’ Today, ‘Three Days’ ended, but like the world in ‘Three Days’ I hope that  our world will be a place where we regret our mistakes, get punished for our wrong doings, and protect justice.”

three days

Throughout the drama, Park Ha Sun’s character Yoon Bo Won showed her resilience as the police officer continued to seek the truth and justice despite any obstacles. Previously, the actress was noted for her action scenes as well as minor romantic scenes with co-star Park Yoo Chun

SBS’ “Three Days” concluded with its final episode bringing in a viewership rating of 13.8%.

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