Park Se Young Meets Wooyoung’s Mother on Recent Episode of “We Got Married”

2014-05-03 19:22:02 2014-05-03 19:22:02

On the recently aired episode of MBC’s variety showWe Got Married Season 4,” Park Se Young met Wooyoung‘s mother during their trip to the southern part of Korea, in Busan. Busan is the city Wooyoung was born in.

During their trip, Park Se Young also met with her husband’s friend and his teacher from high school.

The meeting with her mother-in-law was a surprise for Park Se Young, and she seemed to be very nervous. Fortunately, Wooyoung’s mother liked her daughter-in-law very much and the two got along well during their dinner. At the sight of his mother and Park Se Young together, Wooyoung said during the interview that “Park Se Young was very cute.”

Meanwhile on the same episode, Jung Joon Young  and Jung Yoo Mi couple had chicken and beer with Jung Joon Young’s friends, and Nam Goong Min and Hong Jin Young got ready for their honeymoon trip.

Park Sae Young and Wooyoung of WGM